Angelika Summa

The preferred material of Würzburg’s sculptor is wire in all possible thicknesses. With a great variety of techniques such as winding, binding, tieing, knotting, crocheting but also soldering and welding, she makes filigree objects out of wire as well as sculptures of great presence. Her work is always about the development of a plastic volume which preferably begins with a geometrical form but finally leads to a closed, seemingly chaotic whole. Stubbornness as well as flexibility of the material are put to use without being essential to the process which makes beginning and end indistinguishable. She creates original objects that are sometimes fragile and cuddly, sometimes inaccessible and aggressive and more often than not, ironic.

For her innovative approach to working method and creation of form, the sculptor was awarded the "Kulturförderpreis" of the City of Würzburg in 1995.